Points of  Interest

  • A spring   garden with an extensive collection of naturalised  bulbs, Cowslips, Primroses  Scillas, Anenomes and Fritillarias.


  • An  arboretum started in the year 2,000, featuring ornamental trees, including Malus, Prunus, Crataegus,  Fraxinus and fruit trees.


  • Roses and Viticella Clematis climb the walls.  The  borders are  full of colour co-ordinated perennials, including a white garden and a  red garden.


  • An  ornamental pond, and  a natural pond  with water lilies,  surrounded by marginal plants, including  Primula Candelabra, Rodgersii,and Astilbes.


  • A wild flower garden.



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Spring Pond Garden, Laverstoke

Private garden


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